Success for Domain Pirate Campaign

When we launched our personal name campaign last year, we build a counter to show how many people registered their personal domain through domä We put four digits in the counter, but some weeks ago, I had the pleasure to order an extension of the counter from our web developers. We have broken the 10,000 wall and the counter continues to tick upward!

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Through our service domä, you can get your name as a .se domain name completely free for a year. What you do with the domain is up to you – maybe you want to add a presentation of yourself for job seeking, maybe you want to post pictures of yourself and your family, maybe you want to use it mostly to have a personal e-mail address. With a personal .se domain, you are secure for the future – no matter if you change your e-mail provider or move your website to a new web host, you can always point your domain where you want. You own the domain for as long as you want it and you can, for example, create as many e-mail addresses as you like in front of the @-symbol.

Your imagination is the limit

If you have a more unusual first or last name, you might have the good fortune that it hasn’t yet been registered as a .se domain. Then you can, for example, use your as a portal for your entire family’s e-mail addresses and websites. Your imagination is the limit. Your personal domain name can also be the place for your favorite interests. It doesn’t need to be a blog; it can be a site where you share your tips, advice and inspiration in other forms with text or pictures.

Redirected traffic

Why do we run this campaign? Well, last year it was revealed that thousands of individual’s domain names had been registered by someone other than themselves, so called ”domain pirates.” The people affected were offered a chance to buy back their names for outrageous prices. During the spring of 2014, there was a dispute over the domain name to Gudrun Schyman’s disadvantage. For a while, the previous holder of the domain name redirected visitors of the domain to a xenophobic site called Avpixlat.

Our campaign gives more Swedes the possibility to discover the practicality of having their own name as a domain name, and also creates awareness of the problem of domain pirates trying to grab personal names online. The campaign will run throughout 2015, so you still have a chance to get one year free of your own personal .se domain!

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