What we do

IIS (The Internet Foundation in Sweden) is responsible for the internet’s top-level Swedish domain .se, including the registration of domain names, and the administration and technical maintenance of the national domain-name registry. In addition to domain operations, we are pursuing the positive development of the internet in Sweden through several various projects. Funding of these projects are made possible through domainname sales, our investment in identity federations and our role as a PDT service.

Since September 2013, IIS has also handled the operation and administration for the top-level domain .nu. You will find information about our domain operations under “Domains”.

In 2011, we invested slightly more than SEK 51 million on our internet advancing operations, with the motto: Internet for everyone. Internet investments are financed by revenues from domain registrations. You can read about some of our initiatives here:


Bredbandskollen (the Broadband Check) is an independent consumer tool that helps broadband customers easily test and evaluate their internet connection, for both stationary and mobile units. Every day, about 100,000 measurements are conducted and by February 2014, no less than 130 million measurements had been made.

If you want to know more, please e-mail: support@bredbandskollen.se and visit Bredbandskollen.se

Digital Inclusion

IIS believes that the internet can make a positive contribution to the development of individuals and society. All people in Sweden must have the same rights and opportunities to use services available on the internet. Accordingly, in partnership with several other organizations and authorities, we have launched the Digidel network. Through collaboration and shared knowledge, the Digidel network works to increase the digital participation and availability of digital services in Sweden. The Digidel network is an unbound and democratic network. IIS also fund independent projects aimed at increasing digital inclusion.

If you want to know more, please e-mail: hej@digidel.se and visit Digidel.se

Health status of the internet in Sweden

By continuously monitoring the quality of the internet infrastructure in Sweden, IIS wants to ensure that it maintains proper functionality and a high level of accessibility. The aim is also to highlight deficiencies and irregularities when necessary. Our work is particularly focused on IP, DNS, the internet and e-mail. We regularly conduct surveys and publish reports.

If you want to know more, please e-mail: anne-marie.eklund-lowinder@iis.se

Identity federations

Identity federations is beginning to spread and gain increasing importance. An identity federation is an association of organizations that have agreed to trust each other’s digital identities to facilitate user access to electronic services while privacy is protected. In 2012 IIS established the two federations Skolfederation (primarily focus on readers and providers of e-learning materials in schools) and Sambi (focus on health care sector stakeholders), in which we serve as the federation operator.

If you want to know more, please e-mail: staffan.hagnell@iis.se.

The Internet Days

Every year, IIS organizes the Internet Days conference – Sweden’s most important meeting place for everyone interested in the internet. The Internet Days offer a wide range of content encompassing technology, services, media, politics and other current topics that influence the development of the internet in Sweden and internationally. World-class keynote speakers will also be featured. Speakers at this year’s conference include copyright guru Lawrence Lessig and security expert Mikko Hypponen. Several of the sessions will also be held in English. At the Internet Days, you will meet the figures that shape the internet of today and tomorrow.

If you want to know more, please e-mail: niklas.seren@iis.se and visit internetdagarna.se

Internet guides

IIS disseminates knowledge about the internet by producing and publishing Internet guides (in Swedish). The aim is to enable more people to better utilize the internet’s opportunities and to understand more aspects of internet usage. Since launching the guides in 2007, we have published more than 30 guides addressing how the internet functions and about the use of the internet from a number of different perspectives. The Internet guides are free and are available in printed format and to read directly online.

If you want to know more, please e-mail: internetguider@iis.se and visit the page for Internet guides.

The Internet fund

IIS finances independent, noncommercial projects that promote internet development in Sweden through the Internet Fund. Since its launch in 2004, the fund has financed over 350 projects. Private individuals and organizations are welcome to apply for financing.

If you want to know more, please e-mail: internetfonden@iis.se and visit internetfonden.se

Internet statistics

To understand how the growth of the internet affects us all, we need access to reports, studies and analyses from reliable sources, which is why IIS gathers and presents such material on IIS website here. We also publish several different reports, the largest of which is Swedes and the internet, which studies internet habits among Swedes and is published every autumn.

If you want to know more, please e-mail: info@iis.se


IIS PDT service performs tests to ensure that those who apply for new top-level domains meet the technical requirements of ICANN.

A top-level domain is the suffix of a URL address, for example .se in www.iis.se. There are national top-level domains (country code top-level domain, ccTLD) as in the case of Sweden with .se and IIS is responsible for the Swedish top-level domain. There are also generic top-level domains (gTLD) such as .org and .com, which have no connection to any country.

The domain name system is coordinated by ICANN, which is a non-profit organization and has members worldwide.