How to change registrar

A registrant is able to change registrars (also called a transfer) at any time. The following is a detailed description of how it is done.

  • The registrant contacts the relinquishing registrar to obtain a password (authorization code). The relinquishing registrar verifies that it is the registrant that is requesting the authorization code and then generates the code, which is given to the registrant.
  • The registrant contacts the new registrar and provides the authorization code according to the new registrar’s routines.
  • The new registrar initiates the change of registrar with IIS Registry.
  • The transfer is completed, and IIS Registry confirms completion to both the new and the former registrar.
  • The new registrar confirms the change to the registrant.

Please, note that any administrative, technical and/or billing contact will be removed when the change of registrar is executed. If you like to state an administrative, technical and/or billing contact after the change, please, contact your new registrar for further assistance.