You can register your .se or .nu domain name through one of IIS registrars.

See the full list of registrars

How to register a domain name

1. Find an available domain name

First, type in the domain name you want to register in the search field on our front page to see if the address is available. If it is not already registered, it will be open for registration. To register a domain name you need to be in contact with a registrar, one of our partners.

2. Choose registrar

On the corresponding page for the domain name you want to register you will find all of our registrars. Select what country you want your registrar to be located in. Then sort the list after what services they offer. Click ”apply filters”. Now you will see a long list of registrars to choose from.

3. Order domain name from the registrar

After selecting one of IIS registrars you will finish your registration purchase on their web site. Usually you will pay an annual fee for the domain name right away using a credit card, plus what extra services such as web hosting or e-mail hosting you want to add. You will receive a confirmation e-mail after your registration is finished. Done!