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The internet habits of Swedes in the report Swedes and the internet 2017

Half of Swedish internet users pay for music and film, young people are more skeptical about information online than adults, 100 percent of those up to age 25 are watching YouTube and in two-year olds, four out of five already use the internet. This is just some of the news in the report “Swedes and the internet 2017” from the Internet Foundation in Sweden, IIS. The survey has been ongoing since the year 2000 and is Sweden’s largest study of digital trends and how we use the internet.

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Facebook dominates and Twitter drops – how Swedes use social media 2016

Swedes like social media and our use of it continues to grow. 77 percent of all internet users* use social media, and we continue to spend more time on it. Facebook is still the most popular and continues to increase in all age groups except those under 16. There, Snapchat and Instagram are the most popular. Twitter is however losing users. This comes from the report “Swedes and Social Media 2016” by the Internet Foundation in Sweden. The report is an excerpt of the upcoming yearly report “Swedes and the Internet.”

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