Unique auction of .se domains during autumn/winter

Through a unique auction during the autumn/winter of 2014, .SE will be releasing .se domain names that have never before been possible to register. It’s about country codes, for example cd.se, hr.se and it.se, as well as other countries’ names – for example thailand.se and spanien.se. Starting October 13th, the domains will be auctioned during the autumn and winter via Tradera.

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The domain auction is the first of its type in Sweden. In total, there are 349 .se domains that were previously blocked for registration, which can now have owners, see which ones here.

All domain names have been blocked since 2003 when it became possible for anyone to register a .se domain name. When it comes to domain names with country names, they have been reserved for the respective country, and on several occasions have received information and opportunities to gain priority and register the domain. The interest in this has been relatively small.

The domain names will be auctioned off in batches on Tradera starting Monday, October 13. Each auction runs 10 – 12 days with the starting price for each domain name at 1 krona. The auctions are open both for individuals and companies.

Any profits from the auctions will go directly to .SE’s various efforts for promoting the development and use of the internet in Sweden.

Background on the auction

.SE’s list of blocked and reserved domain names  was constructed in 2003 when registering a .se domain became available for anyone. The reasons for domains corresponding to other top-level domains not being allowed originated more for technical reasons than legal or administrative. A name server could, for example, get stuck on the search if the search string contained the name of more than one top-level domain.

.SE’s starting point today is to have as few blocked and reserved domains for .se as possible and in recent years most of the domain names on the list have been made available for registration. Worth mentioning is, among other things, the numerical domains in 2006, geographical place names in 2008, and domain names related to the royal court in 2010 – a total of several thousand domain names. In the previous releases, the domains have been released according to a first-come, first-serve basis, which means that the actual domain names were released at the same time and went to those who first registered them.

In 2012, .SE’s board of directors decided to ask for input regarding which release procedure .SE should use for the current domain names. A majority of those who answered the survey were in favor of a release by auction. Also, the .SE Policy Advisory Group has recommended the auction form. During the autumn of 2013, .SE’s board decided to release the domain names through an auction.

Choosing Tradera

After looking at the various options over the spring for the auction implementation, the choice went to Tradera because it is Sweden’s biggest auction site and offers a stable platform that can handle this type of auction.


If you have any questions regarding the auction, please contact registry@iis.se

Published: October 13, 2014