.SE completes successful transition of the .nu domain

As of September the 2nd .SE (The internet Infrastructure Foundation) has assumed responsibility for administration and technical operation of the .nu domain. The transition, which has been underway for several months, proceeded according to plan, without event, and the holders of .nu domains have not been affected.

In January of this year, WorldNames, Inc., the registry operator and manager for the .nu top-level domain since 1998, selected .SE to operate .nu domain’s registry services, including administration and technical operations. The transition process, which was set in motion at that time, was completed successfully Sept. 2.

– Due to good cooperation between WorldNames, Inc. and us, the transition has taken place in a smooth manner. This shows that we have a high capacity and a secure technical infrastructure, says Danny Aerts, CEO of .SE.

WorldNames will continue to operate its retail domain name registration services at NuNames.nu.

– We feel secure in handing off responsibility to .SE for the .nu domain’s registry services, considering their track record as one of the most reliable registries worldwide, says J William Semich, President of WorldNames.

The agreement with WorldNames solely means that. SE is responsible for the operation and administration of registry services for the .nu top-level domain. The relationship between ICANN (internet Cooperation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and The IUSN Foundation as the delegated manager for the .nu top-level domain will remain unchanged.

For more information about the .nu domain here.