Edward Snowden at Internet Days

Whistle-blower and Right Livelihood award winner Edward Snowden is doing a unique appearance at the IIS yearly Internet Days conference on November 21st via a link from Moscow. The appearance is arranged by Amnesty International and the Right Livelihood Foundation.

– Edward Snowden is one of the most significant people in the fight for an open and free internet. These are values that are central for Internet Days and it feels great and particularly urgent that he is participating with his thoughts and insights to those taking part in the conference, says Niklas Serén, project leader for Internet Days.

Amnesty International is currently running a campaign where the organization is demanding the U.S. President Barack Obama to pardon Edward Snowden before Obama’s term in office ends in January 2017. The organization believes that no one should be prosecuted for exposing violations of human rights. On the contrary, protection for whistleblowers should be recognized and reinforced both in national and international legislation.

– The right and ability to expose human rights violations is central to a democratic society. Edward Snowden is a whistleblower whose contribution to freedom of expression and the right to privacy cannot be overstated. He must be pardoned and protection for whistleblowers must be strengthened worldwide, says Anna Lindenfors, General Secretary at Amnesty International, Swedish division.

Edward Snowden was awarded the Right Livelihood Award in 2014 “for with strong courage and skill, he has revealed a state surveillance of, until now, an unimaginable extent.” He has not yet been able to receive his award for fear that Sweden would extradite him to the U.S. where he risks 30 years or more in jail.

– The Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly have made a resolution encouraging EU Member States to grant Snowden protection from extradition. We expect the Swedish government to stand behind this resolution so that he may safely travel here to receive his Right Livelihood award, says Ole von Uexkull, Head of the Right Livelihood Foundation.


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