IIS has long been pushing the implementation of DNSSEC, the extensions to the internet’s domain name system which uses cryptographic signatures to secure that web and e-mail addresses really lead to the right resource. Aiming to simplify the deployment of DNSSEC, IIS has now also been part of the development of OpenDNSSEC, a free, open-source management tool that reduces all manual management.

The complicated management involved has previously hampered the spread of DNSSEC to the great mass of internet domains. OpenDNSSEC was developed to remove this obstacle. Thanks to OpenDNSSEC it is now easier for web hotels, internet service providers, name server operators and top-level domains to deploy secure DNS. This tool is easy to use and offers a very high level of automisation. At the same time, there are flexible configuration options so that users can choose to take charge themselves and customise their configuration to fit their own needs.

Can be integrated in commercial applications

Furthermore, OpenDNSSEC is supplied with a licence that gives a green light to suppliers of commercial products who want to utilise the open source code and include it in their software, without having to open up their own code. The developers of OpenDNSSEC are aiming to spread the use of DNSSEC as much as possible.

An international development project

IIS is one of the initiators behind OpenDNSSEC and has been able to leverage its unique deployment experience as a pioneer within DNSSEC. But OpenDNSSEC is the result of an international development project involving several collaborators. Along with IIS, the most important ones have been British Nominet, Dutch SIDN, NLnet Labs and SURFnet as well as Swedish Kirei.

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