Six essential tips

1. Keep it simple

It is very practical if a site name and domain name are identical, with the exception of well established abbreviations. If your local sports society’s site is going to be called Our Sports club, it becomes confusing for visitors if the address is Try instead, which makes more sense and therefore will speak to more people.

2. Try out pronunciation

Say the address you want to register out aloud a few times. If it sounds unnatural, and is difficult to articulate, that particular domain name is probably not right, if you want to attract many visitors to the site. Nowadays, URL:s are often used in everyday speech which makes it important that the domain name can be pronounced without major problems.

3. Avoid misunderstandings

Once you find a domain name that works for you, search for the word or the site name in the nearest search engine. Is there an very similar or near-identical address that is already well-established, and which also has a content similar to what you will be publishing on your site, consider registering a different address altogether. If it is too easy to confuse the different sites by their name and domain name, it is not helpful to anyone, least of all to you. Remember to check that the domain name is not infringing a third pary´s rights.

4. Ask for advice

Check with your colleagues and friends what they think about the domain name you have chosen. Is the address simple enough? Is it easy to remember? Does the domain name reflect the content you plan to publish? Do try your domain on those who are not always-online internet professionals for the best quality of opinions.

5. Multiple addresses

When you register you address you can also sign up for There are countless variations on this, for example, registration of accepted abbreviations used in everyday speech,, and so on. Do not forget to re-direct your various addresses to one main address, for example You can do this in the Domain Manager of your registrar, web hotel, or get help with re-directions.

6. Don’t hesitate

Once you find the right domain name, and it is free for registering, you might consider registering it as soon as possible. It is not impossible that someone else can register the address if your time to make it yours. This is particularly true for those who intend to use the domain name for commercial purposes and therefore may experience difficulties in changing the name of the intended site.

Register your .se and .nu domain through one of our resellers

When you have found an available .se or .nu domain that you want to register, please contact one of our resellers, so called registrars. Prices and offerings may vary.

Note: All domain names used as examples above were available for registration, on April the 19th, 2010.