Blocked .se domains

A number of categories of domain names have been blocked by IIS. A text file with all the blocked domain names can be downloaded below. The data file is created once daily.

Text file with blocked .se domains

Categories that are blocked

  • Number combinations in the format xxxxxx-xxxx that comprise, or may come to comprise, a Swedish personal ID number.
  • Two letters followed by two dashes.
    For technical reasons, domain names that start with two signs followed by two hyphens are blocked.
  • Examples and test domains.
  • Second level domains.
  • Swedish law.
    Designations under the Act (1953:711) regarding protection for certain international healthcare designations, etc. (also referred to as The Red Cross Act) and the Act (1970:498) regarding protection for arms and certain other official designations with associated ordinances (1976:100) may not be used freely and are thus reserved. The organization possessing the right to the name may register the domain name by verifying its right to the name and verifying its right to represent the organization, unless an alternative course of action is specified in the particular legislation. If a party other than the domain owner requests that the block be lifted, the applicant, by means of a certificate, must be able to verify that he/she has obtained consent from the organization concerned for this course of action. A condition is that no other course of action is specified in the particular legislation.