.se domains

If you want a domain name related to Sweden for you, your company or organisation, a .se-domain is the obvious choice. Today there’s more than 1,2 million registered .se-addresses, welcome to register one you too!

You can easily check to see if the name you have in mind is free by completing this field. You may register whatever .se domain you want, as long as it is free, not in the Blocked or Reserved list, infriges a third party´s rights nor violating Swedish law.

General Terms and Conditions

Upon registration of a .se domain the General Terms and Conditions apply.

Domain names with å, ä, ö and other characters

Did you know that you can register a .se domain name with the characters that occur in the official Swedish minority languages: Finnish, Meänkieli (Tornedalsfinska), Sami, Romany and Yiddish, as well as the characters of the other Nordic languages. Domain names with any of these characters are collectively called IDN domains. Click here for a complete character table covering all valid characters.

Read more about IDN domains under .se here.

Register your .se domain through one of our resellers

When you have found an available .se domain that you want to register, please contact one of our resellers, so called registrars. Prices and offerings may vary.