Questionable methods

On a daily basis IIS receives calls from customers who have been contacted by different companies trying to sell them domain names using methods they considered questionable.

Customers are often offered a ‘now or never opportunity’ to pay what is an above normal price to register a domain name under a top-level domain different to one the customer already owns. They will often be told that someone else is interested in that particular domain name and if they do not register it the other person will.

As an owner of a .se or .nu domain name this can mean you may be contacted by companies using questionable methods offering to sell you domain names under the generic top-level domains such as .com, .net and .org. The sales person may claim that they have “another customer” interested in the domain name but are obligated to first offer you the domain name because you own the .se or .nu domain.

Protect the domain name when you register the company name

In the past month (January 2012), we have noted the registration of .se domains where the domain name is identical to the company name, which was registered and published just a few days earlier. What we are seeing now is an entirely new phenomenon, whereby company names are systematically being registered shortly after the name has been approved and made public. Accordingly, it is important to remember to also register your domain name in conjunction with the registration of your new company name.

Warning List right now

It is IIS’s recommendation to all IIS’s accredited registrars, including subregistrars, not to cooperate with the activities included on this page (section 2.5), according to the registrar agreement. You can read the registrar agreement here.

This recommendation is also made by representatives of the IIS-accredited registrars association;, referring to the association’s ethical rules.

The company names that are currently known to us, and making use of improper methods are:

Company Domain / Webaddress
Insolventia AB


Evaluate which domains you need

There are today around 260 top-level domains. As a customer you most probably do not need a domain name under all the top domains, but should instead evaluate which top domains might be useful in relation to your business.

If you regard a top-level domain other than .se as potentially useful to you, then you should contact an authorized registrar who represents e.g. .com, .net or .org. Information about the respective administrators for the 260 top-level domains can be found on this page There you will also find a link to the respective administrator web site where you can find further information about an authorized registrar.

To register a .se or .nu domain contact one of our registrars. Here is our registrar list.

Checklist – This is how to protect your company from domain scammers

  • Be on your guard if you feel a domain sales person might be using questionable methods. Check if the seller is a .se registrar on IIS’s registrars list
  • Find out what current prices are in the domain name market
  • Keep track of your organization’s needs for further domain names, for example for a particular trademark or product name
  • Reduce the risk of “scam registrations” by buying domains with incorrect spellings of your trademark
  • Be clear about the markets you target and register domains accordingly
  • Learn from others’ experiences of domain scammers at IIS, the Swedish Trade Federation and the Swedish Consumer Agency
  • If a dispute arises – use the alternative dispute resolution procedure (ADR)

Report questionable business practices

If you have been a victim of questionable business practices in relation to domain names, please contact IIS’s customer service by phone at +46-8-452 35 00 or by e-mail to We will then be able to update this information and also take action.

The Swedish Trade Federation ( and Förenade Bolag ( compiles warning lists of companies who use questionable methods. Private individuals are referred to the Swedish Consumer Agency ( and to municipal consumer guidance.

Verification of incorrect or inadequate holder information

If IIS is alerted or suspects false holder information, the holder is contacted with a request for rectification under IIS Registration Terms.
You find more information here. To report suspicious holder information, please contact Peter Forsman at IIS Registry by e-mail to