.nu domains to be released

Every night, IIS produces a list with .nu-domain names that may become available within the coming months. This list contains domain names that are deactivated, which means that they no longer work on the internet but they are still registered in their holder’s name.

Each domain name on the deactivation list has an associated release date, the date when it becomes available for registering again, in the list. If the holder renews the .nu-domain name before this release date, it is removed from the list. Note that if a .nu-domain does become free for registration this will happen on the date stated in the document, but not before 04:00 UTC.

Contact a .nu registrar if you want to register a .nu-domain that will be released. You will find all the .nu-registrars on the registrar list.

The cycle of the domain name

If you check a .nu-domain name by typing the name in the field for contact information, for example you will get information about when the domain name was created and the expire date. Below we have listed the terms which is used in that contact information.


The date displayed here is when the domain name was registered. It’s possible that the holder of the domain has changed since then.

Last updated

The date displayed here is when the latest change was done concerning the .nu-domain in IIS’s register. For example, the change could have been a switch of registrar, name server, holder or contacts.

Expire date

A .nu-domain name can be registered with a period of 12-120 months. The expiry date shown in the search result is the date when the current registration period expires.

Deactivation date

If the registration fee is not paid on time, the domain name is deactivated on this date. This means that the .nu-domain stops working on the internet, but it is still registered with the same holder in IIS’s register. Until the deletion date, the holder can still recover the domain name and renew his/her registration.

Deletion date

If the holder does not recover the .nu-domain name after its deactivation, the holder is deleted from the register on this date. The .nu-domain name is then quarantined with IIS until its release date.

Release date

On this date, the .nu-domain name is released and can freely be registered by a new holder. This is done on or after 04.00 UTC (Swedish time (CET) 05.00 in winter, 06.00 during daylight savings time).