Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of registration for .nu domain

You register a .nu domain name with any of IIS resellers, so-called accredited registrars. Regardless of which registrar you choose, the Terms and conditions of .nu domain apply. These terms and conditions are included in all registrar agreements. Besides that, every registrar has their own terms and conditions.

  • Anyone may register a .nu domain as long as it is available. That the principle of “first come, first serve” applies, which means that there is no prior testing before registering a domain name. Test in the search field above.
  • That the name chosen does not violate the law or constitute infringement of, for example, a trademark.
  • That the registrant must provide a valid e-mail address and complete contact information.
  • That a .nu domain may contain at least one and at most 63 characters
  • That a .nu domain may contain the letters a-z, å, ä, ö, é and ü, the numbers 0-9, dash, any of the characters of the official Swedish minority languages, or our Nordic neighbors’ languages.

Valid characters

A .nu domain can include the letters a-z, å, ä, ö, é and ü, the numbers 0-9, hyphens and written characters used in some of the Western European languages, Swedish, as well as the other Nordic languages. The introduction of characters for some of the Western European, Swedish and Nordic languages adds another 32 characters to the existing 37.

Blocked and reserved domain names

There are a number of .nu domain names that have been reserved and cannot be registered.  Here you can download a text file with all reserved domains. The data file is created once daily.
Designations under the Act (1953:711) regarding protection for certain international healthcare designations, etc. (also referred to as The Red Cross Act) and the Act (1970:498) regarding protection for arms and certain other official designations with associated ordinances (1976:100) may not be used freely and are thus reserved. The organization possessing the right to the name may register the domain name by verifying its right to the name and verifying its right to represent the organization, unless an alternative course of action is specified in the particular legislation. If a party other than the domain owner requests that the block be lifted, the applicant, by means of a certificate, must be able to verify that he/she has obtained consent from the organization concerned for this course of action. A condition is that no other course of action is specified in the particular legislation.

Blocked categories

In addition to the .nu domains that are reserved according to the above, the following two categories have been blocked from registration.

  • All numerical combinations with the format xxxxxx-xxxx which comprise or may comprise a national registration number.
  • Domain names that begin with two characters followed by two dashes.

Figure combinations in the format xxxxxx-xxxx constitute or may in the future constitute a civil registration number. The block was introduced following a recommendation from the Swedish Data Inspection Board in order to protect the privacy of private individuals.

Syntax containing two letters followed by two dashes represents internationalized domain names that are reserved. They are blocked in accordance with prevailing standards in order to avoid common domain names being regarded as IDN domain names.

Here you can download a text file with all reserved .nu domains

Managment of personal information

For domain holders information regarding the processing of your personal data you leave in connection with registration of domain name is described in IIS Integrity policy for the domain name.