.nu domains

For many years, .nu has been one of the most common top-level domains in Sweden, following .se and .com, and is strongly associated with Sweden. There are currently more than 230,000 domains registered under .nu, compared with 1.2 million under .se. In other words, the chances are substantially higher that the domain name that you want will be available with the .nu suffix!

The term “nu” (“now” in English) has the same meaning in Swedish, Danish and Dutch, which becomes apparent when looking at where .nu domains are being registered. Most active .nu domains are registered in the Netherlands, followed by Sweden and Denmark. In the Swedish market, the top-level domain .nu is currently the third most popular, following .se and .com, with a market share of 7 percent.

Since the term “nu” itself can easily be used in puns, there are many possible sentence combinations that can be made with the domain name. Accordingly, .nu could be a winning choice if you are going to use your domain for a special activity or campaign, or when you want to encourage your friends, neighbours or customers to do something.

“First come, first serve” principle applies when allocating .nu domain names, which means that you can register any .nu domain you want, provided that it is available, is not blocked or reserved.

Are you about to register your first domain? Here, you will find some useful tips on what is helpful to keep in mind. You can register your .nu domain with any of our resellers, which are known as registrars. Here is a complete list.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is an address to a server on the internet in a format that people can remember, such as www.regeringen.se. Behind every domain name is a unique IP address. You could say that a domain name is a pseudonym for the IP address that people use to communicate with. For example, is the same address as www.regeringen.se.

Terms and rules

Read our rules and terms and conditions  for .nu domains here.

Domains with å, ä, ö and other characters

Did you know that you can register .nu domain names with more characters than just those in the Latin alphabet, such as å, ä, ö, é and ü? A .nu domain can include the letters a-z, å, ä, ö, é and ü, the numbers 0-9, hyphens and written characters used in some of the Western European languages, Swedish, as well as the other Nordic languages. The introduction of characters for some of the Western European, Swedish and Nordic languages adds another 32 characters to the existing 37. These are known as IDN domains. Click here for a complete list of all of the characters allowed for .nu domains. Read more about IDN for .nu here.

IIS has been offering .nu domains since the autumn of 2013

Since September 2013, IIS has been in charge of the administration and technical maintenance of .nu. IIS ensures a high level of operational security for .nu, including improved redundancy, more slave servers, IPv6 and DNSSEC, which, simply put, guarantees strong stability and security for .nu domains.

In conjunction with the transition to IIS, the regulatory framework for .nu domains was also simplified, which means that it is now easier and faster to assign a domain name or switching registrars than before. As for .se domains, IIS is working with registrars (resellers) for the .nu domain. End customers administer their domains via one of the registrars, e.g change of holder.