Rules and description of contact search

You can use the contact search to find information about the holder of a specific domain name.

Contact search results from may not be used for commercial purposes. The function is there to enable a search for information about a particular domain name and its owner. Downloading of information about multiple domain names for the creation of your own database is not permitted.

All searches made are logged with information about where the search was made from. Any address from which too many contact-ID searches are made will be blocked for further searches.

The following rules apply for contact-ID searches:

Daytime (08.00 – 17.00 CET): 10 queries per hour
Other times (17.00 – 08.00 CET): 5 queries per hour

Incomplete or inaccurate contact information

If you believe the contact information for a particular contact is incomplete or inaccurate, please contact us at We will then check the information and request correction if required. However, if you want to update your own contact information displayed in Whois, you should first contact your registrar and request corrections.


The results from contact searches at are provided by the WHOIS protocol. Read more about WHOIS and the service description here.