IIS is in charge of the operation and administration of .se and .nu domains. There are currently more than 1.4 million .se domains and more than 295,000 .nu domains.

If you want a domain name related to Sweden for you, your company or organisation, a .se- or .nu-domain is the obvious choice. Here, you can search for domain names that are available for both of the top-level domains.

When you register a .se or .nu domain, you are also simultaneously supporting the development of the internet in Sweden, because part of the fee that IIS charges for domain name registration is invested in projects that promote the positive development of the internet in Sweden in various ways. You can read more about our various projects here.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is an address to a server on the internet in a format that people can remember, such as Behind every domain name is a unique IP address. You could say that a domain name is a pseudonym for the IP address that people use to communicate with. For example, is the same address as

How to register a domain name

1. Search for a domain

Enter one or more terms into the search field on our front page to see whether an address is available, then click “search” on the right. If the address is available, you are free to register it. Domains can only be registered through a registrar, which are resellers authorized by IIS. A complete list is available here.

2. Select a registrar

On the page listing our registrars, you choose the country in which you want your registrar to be domiciled. You must then sort the list in accordance with the optional services offered by the resellers. Click on “filter list.” You will now see a long list of suggestions of registrars to choose among. We advise you to compare offers from several different registrars, and to decide whether you need to purchase such features as web hosting services and e-mail services along with the registration of your new domain.

3. Order directly

Once you have selected one of IIS’s resellers, you complete the registration of the domain name through a form on the reseller’s website. Normally, you must pay an annual fee directly by card for the domain name registration, as well as any optional services that you may have selected. You will receive a confirmation of the registration of your new domain name by e-mail to the address that you listed in the form. Now you’re done!