If your domain is subject of an ADR

This page contains information about the procedure when someone has filed an application for dispute resolution for a domain name that you have registered.

When someone has applied for Alternative Dispute Resolution, the WIPO Center will contact the party that has registered the domain name, both by email and letter. Please note that a case will be decided regardless of whether the registrant of the disputed domain name responds to the application or not. If you believe that you are entitled to the domain name, you should therefore respond and explain why.

How should the response be formulated?

There is an ADR Response form (if you have problems with opening or viewing the form, try to open it with Adobe Reader). Think about the following:

  • The most important to think about when completing the response form is that all of the claims regarding “right with a legal basis in Sweden, bad faith or justified interest” are addressed and that the position regarding the petitions of the domain being transferred to the applicant or deregistered be stated.
  • Why is it right and fitting that I as the registrant should be entitled to the particular domain name, which may be similar to someone else’s distinct mark?
  • It is important to note that the matter will be resolved regardless of whether or not the ADR application is responded to. Please note that if the applicant has chosen accelerated proceeding and if you do not respond to the ADR application the arbitrator will decide upon the case within 10 days instead of 20 days.
  • Download some advice here about how you should respond to the application.

The rule that the application can be resolved even in the absence of a response can be found in Section 13 Clause 2 of the rules of procedure for ADR.

What language will the ADR be resolved in?

The application for an alternative dispute resolution proceeding must be made in Swedish or English. The decision is made in the language in which the application was made. The counterparty is free to respond in either Swedish or English.

The language provision can be found in Section 26 of the rules of procedure for ADR.

ADR Response form

Send the application (and annexes if any) by email to domain.disputes@wipo.int.

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