How to file an application

ADR for the toplevel domain .se is administered by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).

The ADR for the .se domain is managed by WIPO which means that the application, response and decision is administered via WIPO.

What should I consider before I apply

Begin by making sure that your case fulfils the three absolute requirements that apply for ADR, this applies to ’Accelerated Proceedings’ as well:

  • You must have a right (e.g. a brand or company name) which is legally recognized in Sweden.
  • The present holder of the domain name shall have acted in bad faith when he/she registered or used the domain name.
  • The present holder of the domain name shall also have no right or justified interest in the domain name.

Always read the entire document, Rules of procedure for ADR, carefully before you submit an ADR application. Also read through Paragraph 7 of Terms and conditions of registration which deals with ADR.

’Rules of procedure for ADR’ is the document that determines how a dispute resolution shall be conducted. The regulations stipulate the following:

  • That IIS appoint an arbitrator and administers the proceedings
  • That the applicant can choose one or three arbitrators, and may choose if an ’Accelerated Proceeding’ is requested should the counterparty fail to respond to the application
  • That an application for ADR and the information which it must contain must be made in writing
  • That IIS charge an application fee for ADR
  • How communication with the parties is to be performed and how ADR matters are to be administered
  • That an ADR matter is to be decided within 20 (one arbitrator) or 45 days (three arbitrators) after it has been turned over to the arbitrators
  • That an ’Accelerated Proceeding’ is always decided by one arbitrator within 10 days
  • Does the application contain information about the applicant’s name, national registration number or the equivalent, postal and e-mail address, and telephone number?
  • Does the application contain information about the domain name holder? You could find the domain name holder’s contact information by searching the domain name in SE’s whois service at and click on the holder’s contact ID. For natural persons, there are no data, if the holder is a natural person please use the ’contact ID’ that is visible instead
  • Has the application fee been paid? Do not forget to state which domain name the payment concerns!
  • Have you indicated if the matter should be reviewed by one or three arbitrators?
  • Have you included in the application if you would like an Accelerated Proceeding if the counterparty fails to respond to the ADR application?
  • All material must be in writing. For example, the application may not contain links to audio and or movie files.
  • Does the application include information on what is being claimed in the proceeding and the grounds therefore?
  • Does the application include information on what proof is being cited and how you intend to confirm this?
  • All appendices must be enclosed to the application
  • A representative for a micro enterprise filing an application must prove that the enterprise falls within the definition of a micro enterprise as stated by IIS (The Internet Foundation In Sweden);  A micro enterprise is defined as an enterprise which employs fewer than 10 persons and whose annual turnover and/or annual balance sheet total does not exceed 18 million SEK.
  • Do not forget to pay the full application fee for standard ADR, even if you have chosen ’Accelerated Proceeding’ if the counterparty fails to respond to the application.

Application form and address

Below you will find forms (fill in at your computer and then print to sign it) to apply for or respond to ADR, respectively.

Send the application (and annexes if any) by email to

Contacts for ADR

If you have further questions regarding ADR, please contact the WIPO Arbitration and Meditation Center.

You may send an e-mail to or call +41 22 338 8247.

Please note that IIS are not available on Swedish Public Holidays, or on the weekday following Ascension Day (‘Kristi Himmelfärdsdag’). The IIS Registry’s opening hours are weekdays 8:30am-4:30pm (4:00pm during summer). Closes for lunch 12:00pm-1:00pm.