Time to check the Broadband pulse of Sweden

Once again, here comes our long-awaited report (in Swedish) on fixed broadband in Sweden. This time with statistics that show good development and high speeds. But is there really nothing to complain about? How does what should be the world’s best country for broadband actually feel? 

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Did you know that you need a maximum of 10 Mbit/s to get a perfect surfing experience? Faster broadband than that makes no difference. Video consumes the most bandwidth and if you don’t watch any, you can make due with even less.

This means that the average speed for a broadband service in Sweden in 2015, 53 Mbit/s, is sufficient for a family of five where they are able to watch at least one HD stream per person at the same time. And now many fiber operators barely sell subscriptions under 100 Mbit/s any more.

So if you have fast broadband, according to Bredbandskollen, you have nothing to complain about. When something causes trouble with your connection and something is “slow”, it’s more likely that the server you are browsing is slow or the connection between your network and that server. It’s usually far away and there is much on the way that can go wrong or slow things down.

Fat fiber

This year’s report also shows that fiber expansion is rolling at a good pace, however there is a big difference between the counties. Västerbotten, which for many years has been far ahead, has done the same this year with 76%. At the bottom of the list is Dalarna, Blekinge and Jönköping counties.

Cable TV operators have not been idle and the measurements here have increased a lot in metropolitan regions. Stockholm is at the absolute top with 32% cable TV, and it’s likely because xDSL had to give up in favor of faster and more stable services.

Superfast is unnecessary

Overall, Sweden’s operators have a good rating. Although many operators are careless with marketing and only show the maximum speeds, more or less all services are within the speed intervals that can be found in the fine print. Only the (unnecessary) superfast services at 250 Mbit/s and more don’t measure up.

The entire report with more exciting reading can be found here (in Swedish). If you have any questions or comments, please let us know in the comment section below.

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Rickard Dahlstrand Rickard Dahlstrand Project Manager for Bredbandskollen Rickard is in charge of the Broadband Check, which is used to test the speed of various broadband connections. He has previously developed similar measurement systems for testing TCP/IP networks for various companies and worked as a networking technology instructor.

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