How it’s going for the new top-level domains – part 2

Last year I wrote about the new top-level domains in Sweden and their development. This year, I thought I would again traditionally summarize the year – to show how it’s gone.

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Currently there are more than 30,000 domains registered in more than 1,000 different new top-level domains by Swedish companies or Swedish individuals.

Thus, in 2016, the number of domains increased with an average of 1,250 per month. If we compare this with 2015, there is a clear increase. The average increase in 2015 was 740 per month.

The current Top 8 (as of December 28, 2016) are as follows:

.top 5,613

.xyz 3,836

.one 2,008

.club 990

.website 841

.online 719

.bid 647

.site 534

The Top 8 list from last year on the same day was:

.one 1,057

.club 920

.xyz 858

.website 633

.email 430

.gratis 402

.guru 394

.rocks 353

What do the numbers say?

We have two strong growing new top-level domains in .top and .xyz. Both are driving their growth through giving away their domains. This also means that, for example, .top has begun to have problems with its reputation.

Even if .top and .xyz are the biggest new top-level domains, I have not seen anyone in Sweden using these. Feel free to comment if you see any. They are probably just used for speculation so far.

.one was the largest in Sweden a year ago and has continued to grow during the year. The last 4-5 months however, have slowed and from November .one has decreased overall. The most logical explanation is that .one has passed its first renewal period and has for the first time started to lose domains.

The upside for .se and .nu

All other top-level domains in the list, both this year and the previous year, are fairly small and show no growth. On the contrary, some are already on the way down.

As a reference, .se has passed the 1.4 million mark and increased with about 40,000 domains this year. The year’s biggest winner, however, is the top-level domain .nu, that grew from 303,000 in 2015 to 343,000 domains.

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