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EU puts its foot down against eavesdropping– again

In 2000, the European Commission negotiated an agreement with the United States. All personal data sent from countries in Europe across the Atlantic to the US would have the same legal protection as if it were within the EU. If American companies lived up to seven principles, they could join the agreement and freely send data from Europe to the US. However, the European Commission had made an agreement that was not compatible with EU law. Today, a decision came from the European Court of Justice: Safe Harbor is invalidated because the personal data sent to the US is not protected from US Intelligence.

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The year of Snowden

Earlier this week I pointed out that Edward Snowden and the revelations that were made with the help of the document he leaked was one of 2013’s biggest internet events. Because the revelations changed so extremely much of this year’s discussions on how the internet should work, I thought I would make a separate top list where I try to rank the most important revelations about the massive surveillance done by the NSA, GCHQ and FRA.

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