Vision and values

Vision for the domain name administration

IIS is the obvious route to the internet for everyone with a connection to Sweden. Everyone should have a unique, secure and personal internet address.

Vision for the development of internet

All Swedes dare to, know how, and want to use the internet. IIS strive to strive to bring about positive, long-term development and use of the internet.


We appreciate and believe in the internet

We value the opportunities that the internet offers individuals and believe that the internet can make a positive contribution to the development of individuals and society.

We want a stable and scalable internet

  • The infrastructure of the internet must be secure, stable and scalable to benefit users in the best possible way.

We want one internet for all

  • All people in Sweden shall have the same rights and opportunities to use the services offered by the internet. The internet shall be secure – users shall feel secure and be able to trust services on the internet.

We strive for openness and sharing

We also share our knowledge of the internet and are receptive to the ideas and requests of others regarding internet development. Open flows of information and open standards contribute to the long-term, stable and scalable development of the internet and its services.