Business Concept

For domain administration

We supply a unique and attractive domain name that provides companies and private customers with a secure and unique identity on the internet.

We work in a cost-conscious and efficient manner and identify new ways to supply our services, thus creating resources for the research and development of products and services to expand IIS’s operations and to improve and facilitate the use of the internet. New products and services can be geared toward a DNS-proficient customer segment within and outside Sweden.

We conduct sales through highly qualified and high-performing registrars who package domains in accordance with customer needs.

For internet development

User benefit

IIS provides products that educate, facilitate and promote increased internet usage, primarily in Sweden. We work to advance existing internet users’ ability to use the internet and enable non-internet users to become active internet users.


IIS contributes to the development of the internet’s infrastructure through evaluations and the development of new products, as well as by measuring and spreading information regarding solutions for a more secure, stable and scalable internet. We work together with all of the players contributing to the internet’s infrastructure, primarily in Sweden.

Information and vision

IIS disseminates information regarding the internet and its usage with the help of publications, seminars, training courses and by participating in the societal debate. IIS promotes a visionary approach to the internet and social development. Different information initiatives are directed toward a broad general public and toward the specialists who work with the internet and social development.

IIS’s initiatives pertaining to the development of the internet contribute to the foundation’s success by:

  • developing new products,
  • strengthening the IIS brand,
  • increasing domain name sales,
  • increasing the value of a domain name by spreading the use of new domain-name applications, and
  • increasing trust in IIS as a supplier of internet services.