Board of Directors

The IIS Board of Directors has a broad-based composition including representatives of both users of and experts in the internet in Sweden. The present Chairman of the Board is Ylva Hambraeus Björling, who took office in June 2014

The Board includes representatives of:

In the board 2016:

  • Ylva Hambraeus Björling, Chairman of the Board, appointed by ISOC-SE
  • Inger Persson, appointed by the Swedish Consumers´Association
  • Karina Duvinger, appointed by the Swedish Trade Federation
  • Mikael Abrahamsson, appointed by the Swedish Internet Operators Forum (SOF)
  • Anna Caracolias, appointed by ISOC-SE
  • Henrik Bergman, appointed by the Swedish Bankers’ Association
  • Peter Kopelman, appointed by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise
  • Jonas Lejon, appointed by the board
  • Filippa Murath, board secretary
  • Karl-Erik Svedin, SOF