IIS is a foundation and is managed on the basis of its charter of foundation and its statutes. The Foundation is managed by a Board of Directors, whose decisions are executed by the executive management. The present Chairman of the Board is Ylva Hambraeus Björling, who took office in june 2014. The present CEO, Danny Aerts, took office in 2006.

To a large extent, our operations are based on knowledge and we are pleased to share our knowledge and experiences, since we believe that this benefits internet development. That is why our staff  is our most important resource.

Today, IIS has 72 employees, 28 women and 44 men. Operations have been in expansion over the last years, most of all our R&D operations have grown much, but also the IT and System Development departments have been strengthened.

Flat organisation

We have a flat organisation where decisions don’t drag out and where we make use of creativity and new ideas. The CEO’s door is open and this signifies our general way of working.

Contact information:

CEO – Danny Aerts
IT Operations and IIS Registry – Torbjörn Carlsson
.SE Direkt – Anette Hall
System Development – Mikael Jonker
Research & Development – Staffan Hagnell
Finances – Monica Åhl
Law – Elisabeth Ekstrand
Communications and Outreach – Jannike Tillå
Security – Anne-Marie Eklund-Löwinder

Our own IIS registrar since we changed business model

On March 9, 2009, IIS changed business model. Briefly, this means that the domain name holder is now customer of one of the accrediated registrars of IIS, instead of being our customer. However, the domain name holder can choose to stay with .SE Direkt, IIS own registrar business which was launched when the new business model was introduced.