Code of conduct

The Foundation’s mission is to promote stability in the Swedish Internet infrastructure as well as promote the spread of knowledge about the Internet and electronic communication. We ensure proper conduct while conducting this mission by following this code. 

The code is based on the ten principles of the UN’s Global Compact. It supplements and summarizes the Foundation’s different policies, employee handbook and governing documents on a comprehensive level. If local, national or international law apply stricter demands than the code of conduct, these shall be followed.

The code applies to all employees regardless of employment status. We ask that all employees read and accept the regulations and apply them in all IIS activities. Employees are encouraged to take their own initiative to promote sustainability in the workplace. The IIS managers are responsible for disseminating information about the code well as ensuring compliance. Suspected violation of the code must be reported to the nearest supervisor.

The code is also designed to ensure compliance in the IIS supplier chain. Thus, the Foundation’s suppliers and their subcontractors are also covered by the code. Violation of the code entitles IIS to follow up through visits to suppliers and possible termination of the contract.

Human Rights

All activities should follow the guidelines of international conventions concerning basic human rights. Use of slave or child labour is completely unacceptable. IIS also works to exclude the presence of controversial minerals in our business or supply chain. 

Employees and working environment

We are convinced that different ethnic backgrounds and genders strengthen our business and we strive towards equality and diversity. IIS does not allow any form of discrimination based on gender identity, ethnicity, nationality, religion, age, physical characteristics, sexual orientation, association or political affiliation, and similar grounds. The right to freedom of association and collective bargaining shall be recognized and respected. Every employee has the right to a fair, living wage, equal pay for equal work and regular paid vacation.

IIS will always work for a mentally and physically healthy and safe working environment. We shall offer a workload that enables balance between work and free time. Employees shall feel that work is a developmental experience and that they have the opportunity to influence their work assignments.




We act transparently, honestly and businesslike in all partnerships. IIS and its employees covered by this code are expected to comply with all national and international regulations to prevent, discover and handle corruption.

Employees must refrain from acts and non-acts that involve fraud, extortion, money laundering and cartel activity. It is not allowed to request, accept of offer bribes, regardless of method, purpose and design. Benefits may only be exchanged if the process is transparent and for the creation and maintenance of a business relationship. Employees must actively promote and contribute to investigations of violations against this code of conduct.

Business decisions shall always be made with the company’s best interests in mind. Transactions may not be carried out with family members, friends or people with whom other non-professional relationships exist. IIS employees can never use their position or influence in any way other than supporting the company’s interests. If such a business arrangement or other corruption risk is identified, the grandfather principle is applied for approval of the contractor. If that is not possible, the four eyes principle shall be applied. To avoid conflict of interest, permanent employees are not to work outside of IIS without informing their immediate supervisor of the undertaking.

Environmental responsibility 

Every activity’s environmental impact shall be considered when making a decision and IIS applies the precautionary principle. We strive to use the most energy effective and environmentally friendly technology, as well as support their development. IIS is working to reduce environmentally hazardous emissions, energy consumption and environmental impact on our immediate surroundings. Products should preferably be made of renewable, raw materials or recycled material and not use more resources or energy than necessary. They must also be easy to maintain and repair and be recyclable. We always keep all waste to a minimum. With recycling of electronic waste, both social and environmental aspects are taken into account in the choice of recycling method. When choosing energy providers and means of transport, alternatives with low environmental impact shall be prioritized.

Privacy and information 

IIS shall maintain the highest possible technical and organizational security level in order to protect critical operations as well as sensitive and personal information. Policies and rules regarding the handling of information shall be followed and extreme caution shall be observed in all electronic communication. The protection of life, health and privacy are prioritized when working with information security.