About IIS

The Internet Foundation in Sweden, IIS, is an independent public-service organization that acts to ensure positive development of the internet. We are based in Sweden and are responsible for the internet’s Swedish top-level domain, .se, and the operation of the .nu top-level domain.

We are also a public-service organization that operates identity federations, which comprise secure and scalable solutions for account and password management. These create the preconditions to facilitate work with digital processes within healthcare and schools in Sweden.

The IIS’s charter states that any surplus should be used to improve the stability of internet infrastructure in Sweden and to promote research, training and education with a focus on the internet. Our goal is to invest at least 25 percent of our revenue in various projects that develop the internet. In 2016, approximately SEK 50 million was invested.

Societal benefits and responsibility are important watchwords in our long-term work, where we promote the positive development of the internet in Sweden. Our expressed ambition is that our initiatives will make the internet in Sweden more robust, more stable and more secure. Our investments in know-how and analysis will help to make Swedes more well-informed and aware users of the internet. We want to enable innovation and to advance the use of the internet, at the same time as we provide digital adult education and know-how that leads to greater understanding of the impact of digitalization on individuals and on society. For both the young and the old.

Our vision and values

The Internet Foundation in Sweden, IIS, is an open and transparent organization. We appreciate and believe in the internet, and are passionate about sharing our knowledge in various ways, at the same time as we shape our shared future by driving the internet forward. We hope that everyone in Sweden wants to, dares to and can use the internet.

We create meeting places and organize conferences, such as Goto 10 and the Internet Days. Our events, courses and study programs make it easier and more fun for both young and old people to understand and use internet services. Our commitment to security issues, personal integrity and an open internet makes the internet a place where everyone can leverage its potential. We measure and prepare statistics using services such as the Broadband Check and the Swedes and the internet survey. We help to make internet infrastructure more stable and secure with services such as Zonemaster.

If you have a .se or .nu address, you help us to improve the internet. Thank you!