European Data Portal has launched an eLearning course about Open Data - and it will soon be available in Swedish

European Data Portal has launched an eLearning course about Open Data - and it will soon be available in Swedish

Open Data for beginners

Av Anders Frick den 13 december, 2017

The European Data Portal has launched an eLearning program with focus on open data. The web based introduction course is developed by the Open Data Institute and contains 16 modules for anyone who wants to learn about open data. The course will soon be available in Swedish.

What is open data? Why do we need to license? How useful is my data? Those are three of the questions and aspects covered by the web based course on the European Data Portal.

“The ODI developed the eLearning for the European Commission as part of our work with the European Data Portal. It was launched at the end of 2015 and has so far reached over 1,800 people. The modules are available in English, French and currently Swedish is being added”, says David Tarrant, Learning skills lead at the Open Data Institute.

The Swedish translation work is done by Riksarkivet, (National Archives of Sweden), as part of their work as responsible governmental body for open data in Sweden.

The first part of the Swedish version is already available now – click here. The full course will be launched in 2018.

The purpose for the eLearning programme is to introduce every aspect of open data, including definitions related to the concept. There is also a part about the future of open data as well as some success stories from across Europe.

Beside the training team at ODI, the course (which can be downloaded as transcript) and its platform was also developed with help from Sponge UK and Adapt learning.

Furthermore, ODI has made it easier for the mobile user to learn about open data:

“The ODI has independently repackaged the English version of the modules into mobile applications so they can be completed fully offline”, says David Tarrant.

Here is a complete list of all the course modules:

Lesson 1 – What is open data?

Lesson 2 – Unlocking value from open data

Lesson 3 – Open data. Agent of change

Lesson 4 – Why do we need to license?

Lesson 5 – What makes quality open data?

Lesson 6 – Measuring success for open data

Lesson 7 – Why should we worry about sustainability?

Lesson 8 – Getting to grips with platforms

Lesson 9 – Choosing the right format for open data

Lesson 10 – How useful is my data?

Lesson 11 – How to clean your data

Lesson 12 – Finding hidden data on the web

Lesson 13 – Linking up the web of data

Lesson 14 – Open data advocacy

Lesson 15 – Managing change in open data

Lesson 16 – Achieving impact with open data

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