Antti "Jogi" Poikola - ambassador for MyData, a human centered approach in personal data

Antti "Jogi" Poikola - ambassador for MyData, a human centered data approach

MyData - a Nordic model for human-centered personal data

Av Anders Frick den 16 september, 2017

MyData is the name of a human centered approach in personal data and Antti Poikola is one of the main initiators. The concept is well known on the open data arena in Finland, but now Antti Poikola wants the concept to be more used in other Nordic countries as well.

All the data we share through social media, search engines, apps, mobile phones, credit cards etc. focus on corporate needs; It is the companies that choose which data is collected and how these can be made available to users. MyData is different and places the user in focus and allows the user to decide how his or her data should be used, shared or sold to third-party actors. Data portability is therefore a key function.

MyData is thus not a business idea or product, but rather a mindset with associated conceptual frameworks. Around this framework, companies and organizations can build on and create business. At a recent conference in Helsinki, several business concepts were presented, but even more are requested.

The concept of MyData was launched in Finland in 2014 and one year later, the 12-page report MyData – A Nordic Model for human-centered data management and processing was published by Antti Poikola, Kai Kuikkaniemi and Harri Honko at Open Knowledge Finland, sponsored by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, which is responsible for Finland’s communications and traffic policy.

Several research reports have been presented around MyData and the concept is not lacking any academic involvement. Antti Poikola points out that the biggest change for those who want to embrace the MyData concept is about mindset:

“Initially, it may not look so different, but in the long run, MyData means a very big change compared to how data is handled in the world today. In the MyData team, there is now a lot going on now – from planning to implementation. There are many good examples of companies and organizations that embraces the concept of MyData, but while we constantly emphasize that it is a Nordic model and we have good contacts in Denmark and Estonia, the number of MyData actors in Sweden and other Nordic countries are however clearly fewer than here in Finland”, says Antti Poikola, commonly known as ”Jogi”.

For users, MyData gives better control over their own data, which increases privacy and gives other benefits. In addition, the possibility of earning money on the user’s own data increases. Although the benefits to users are obvious, there are also benefits for companies and the surrounding community. Companies can gain greater confidence from users and new innovations can be created through data portability. The introduction of GDPR in May 2018 will also be facilitated, as well as general decision-making based on data.

“GDPR protects individuals which is great, but MyData wants to go beyond that. MyData not only wants to protect but also help individuals take power over their own data. My role in the MyData team is now to create a link between academia and the surrounding world”, says Antti Poikola.

In November, he will talk more about MyData at the Nordic Open Data Forum in Stockholm.

Footnote: More insights from the recent MyData conference could be seen in the Swedish article about the event.

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