Build your own air quality measurement station for open data

Av Anders Frick den 1 november, 2017

During the first day of Nordic Open Data Forum, you are invited to join a workshop in Stockholm to build your own particulate matter sensor. Why? Because together we can quickly get coverage of real time air quality data by just installing a measurement station at home.

The sensor will continuously report particular matter measurements such as PM2.5 and PM10 to the initiative, where anybody can get details of air quality from your sensor or a group of sensors.

MetaSolutions will sponsor the workshop with the necessary parts for building up to 25 sensors.

”You don’t need any special skills, just commit to install the sensor you built and start delivering data. Hope to see you there!”, Eric Hjelmestam adds.

Footnote: Here is a list of all the workshops on November 20:

– Open Mobility Data in the Nordics (Elias Arnestrand – Zeto, Daniel Rudmark – RISE Viktoria, Per-Erik Holmberg RISE Viktoria)
– The Six City Open Data tactics (Anu-Maria Laitinen, City of Tampere)
– Usable Open Data (Tryggvi Björgvinsson, Félag um stafrænt frelsi á Íslandi)
– Hack for Sweden 2.0 (Jonas Södergren och Anders Granström, Arbetsförmedlingen)
– Open Data Ecosystem Growth (Karin Ahlin, Josefin Lassinantti, Jonathan Crusoe, 
Ana Brandusescu)
– MyData – applying the ”open” principles to personal data (Antti ‘Jogi’ Poikola, Aalto University and Open Knowledge Finland)
– Open weather data (Angela Yong – SMHI, Peter Lindgren – Visiarc)
– Measure air quality at home (Hannes Ebner, Matthias Palmér, MetaSolutions AB)
– Open Data Journalism (Kristofer Sjöholm, Sweco, and Tarjei Leer-Salvesen,

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